Experience Kenya In Your Gap Year

Experience Kenya In Your Gap Year

Explore, learn, and make new friends: the ultimate gap year experience

Gap Year Kenya

Gap Year Kenya is a social enterprise that is managed by Sharp & Deanne Limited. The enterprise was formed primarily to give young people a chance to interact and experience different cultures in the fields of social work as well as volunteerism. We facilitate the travel and itinerary arrangements for guests wishing to volunteer or spend a gap year in Kenya. We connect you to organizations and schools that would be happy to let you into their space, to teach you, and learn from you.

Types of Programs


Get a life changing experience participating in a wide range of projects from planting trees, to building medical centers, working in orphanages, schools etc.


If you’re looking for an internship in healthcare, or environmental protection/research, then interning Kenya will help you gain the confidence you need to succeed!

Leisure /Adventure Travel

If you love fun and adventure, Kenya is the perfect place for adventure travel. Enjoy unparalleled adventure while performing meaningful work for the disadvantaged.

What can you do in Watamu, Kenya?

Take a sea adventure

Sail through the Watamu Marine Park and Marvel at the array of colored fish and corals

Environmental Conservation

Take part in marine conservation, tree planting & nurturing, and community environmental education

Teach IT Skills

Volunteer in a community IT center and library in Watamu teaching basic IT & coding skills

Best Experience

What Sets Us Apart?

At Gap Year Kenya, finding the right gap year travel experience for you is key to what we do, so we spend time to understand your aspirations, fears and dreams to best match your expectations and provide you with a fulfilling journey on every level.

We can help both the team and the independent traveller through our team programmes. What we are currently experiencing is that many choose to start their gap year journey with a  programme which enables them to hit the ground running, travel off the backpacker trail and contribute to planet-protecting places.

To enroll to our programs, or for any inquiries, get in touch with us.